February 10, 2005

A follow-up to this previous thread on MeFi . For those who believe in Karma I

  • The related story links at the Denver Post track the story's progression over the last couple of days.
  • You just know that Ms. Wanita Young's new nickname in the neighbourhood is The Cookie Monster.
  • <Ha-hah> The girls sound too good to be true. Sports captains, livestock judges, not being interested in doing the talkshow circut. Now that ought to be an antidote to the "kids today" types.
  • Hey, I think I know the Ft. Worth cop quoted in the story. I went to school with his kid. Small world.
  • I wonder how much toilet paper she's had to clean up out of her front yard since the story broke.
  • It makes you want to do something nice for the Young's after all the grief they've been through...oh wait that's what started this whole mess in the first place.
  • Did they bring over the cookies and the card after they realized they had scared the crap out of her? The article is not clear on that point.
  • bernockle - the bringing of the cookies was what scared the crap out of the silly woman.
  • Why wasn't the original judgement appealed? It's now case law that knocking on the door of a house at 10:30pm makes you liable for any reaction the inhbitants may have. That needs to be overturned.
  • Okay... I've not read the article. I don't want to, simply because it's so much fun trying to reconstruct what it could have been about from the previous comments. Try it, it's enormous fun - I have images of the most twisted, uncouth suburban happenings, like all the imaginations of Tim Burton and Joe Dante and, hell, early Tobe Hooper all rolled into one. Cookies? Livestock Judges? Cops? Whah? Brilliant...
  • David Coffee, a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, called The Post twice to get an address for the girls. The first time he tried, he had to hang up quickly to make an arrest. He called right back, although he had suffered a minor injury chasing the suspect on foot.
  • Haha -- my thoughts exactly dirigibleman! It's like the reporter's kid got on the keyboard and snuck in a few sentences.
  • Yeah, that's the guy I think I know. From what I remember, that's how his stories went.
  • Was that, like, a little human intrest moment, with a stalkery cherry on top?
  • The Ostergaard and Zellitti families initially turned down offers to do some big shows such as "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and "Today." As exciting as those prospects were, the girls and their parents thought they should let things cool down. "We were afraid Mr. Leno might make jokes at our neighbor's expense," said Lindsey's mother, Martha Zellitti.
    What an amazingly thoughtful and classy family! Their neighborhood is lucky to have them.
  • These girls are passive-aggressive evil monsters! Who delivers biscuits at 10.30PM ferchrissakes if it's not to freak people out? If some one knocked on my door at that time of night I'd be a bit worried, and I'm a strapping big bloke. To open it and find mysterious baked goods would ring my alarm bells. Packed with razorblades they could be (says my inner Yoda). They should ride the lightening for what they did!
  • *makes note: Never EVER knock on kitfisto's door at night. And don't leave cookies*
  • Does anyone but me find it scary that they've been given ovens and a year's supply of dough? Now the WHOLE neighborhood will be living in fear from the little terrorists!
  • How many thousands of time do you think people have knocked on her door since then? I know I would if I lived near there.
  • It's those damn elves, MCT. Don't go into the forest, they'll try to steal your pants!