February 10, 2005

Help I've been playing with the Donnie Darko website for a few days and I can't figure it out...yes I know I'm a moron.

My trouble is the first level...I think the answer is Roberta but what do I do once I type it in? Hitting enter does nothing.

  • nm, not roberta
  • What's Roberta's last name?
  • Sparrow
  • OK, I was *trying* to get humandictionary to figure out the answer *on his own.* Thanks a lot Mr. Know-it-all_138. Just kidding. If you're stuck at the part where I think you are, sparrow is the correct answer. You know, I really wish more movies would make websites like this - definitely adds to the viewing experience.
  • It's alright jaypro, I had figured it to be sparrow when I put up my second post. BTW, should be on *her* own ;)
  • There is a website that tells you all the secret paswords and where to click and shite. I'm sure you can find it if you google a wee bit or look on the IMDb messageboards. Check back here in half an hour to find out how lazy I am: if I've found it for you, I'm not that lazy (although my productivity is focussed on the useless end of the spectrum); if I've posted nothing else, I'm the laziest twat it may ever be your misfortune to encounter. It's a pretty neat website, and it certainly helps your understanding of the film better than that pissing director's cut... There are two or three simple things you need to realise about Donnie Darko that make it all perfectly clear and not at all complex. I may or may not get around to mentioning them here (see, Laziness, above, and also Vague Enigmatic Quality, elsewhere).
  • Cool
  • Forgive me humandictionary - I couldn't tell from your monkeyname.
  • That's alright jaypro, no offense taken.
  • turns out I'm a lazy twat
  • Interesting site. Found this guide
  • note be sure to allow pop ups to see everything. One of those articles mentioned the physics teacher. I don't remember that happening to the teacher in the movie. The article also mentioned him being married. I thought he was with the Barrymore's character? Now I am confused.
  • Proteus: Note the date of the article.