February 10, 2005

Guess the Whale from its Song! [requires flash or flashboy]
  • Arr, call me Ishmael ye sick fuck!
  • Well, drive me mad and lash me to a cetacean, harpoon boy.
  • I just found out that Starbucks gets it's name from the first mate on Capt. Ahab's ship. heh. it says Dick. That was a cool game though. Whales & dolphins rule. Keep squidranch out of here tho.
  • I think it was this whale
  • Keep squidranch out of here tho. And we don't need an infestation of fish ticks. What made all those bubbles? Ewwwww!
  • Anyone know where can I get a flashboy plugin for my browser?
  • I think flashboy is more of an extension than a plugin.
  • I'm all extension, baby. But I can plug in too, whatever you want me to do, ooh yeah, you naughty little applet you.
  • I think I found it. It's the one labelled "Quicktime", isn't it?
  • Ack. s/labelled/labeled/. My proofread is teh suck.
  • You can teh suck me quicktime anytime baby, oooh yeah etc la la la and so on....