February 10, 2005

Is William Rehnquist Deep Throat? OK, so there could be a million posts guessing who Deep Throat is. Here's a recent thread suggesting it was George Bush (the father). Recent revelations that Deep Throat is gravely ill make the Bush connection seem unlikely (unless he's sick and we don't know).

Rehnquist, however, completely fits the profile. He is very sick with aggressive thyroid cancer. He was Nixon's lawyer prior to being placed on the Supreme Court by Tricky Dick. He would have had ALL sorts of access to Nixon and might still have provided him with legal advice while sitting on the bench. "If he had to tell one person, why not someone who couldn't possibly be brought in front of the Watergate hearings? Imagine if they tried to subpoena Rehnquist and he refused. What recourse would they have? Take it to the Supreme Court? He was untouchable." I had this thought today while reading this, googled "Rehnquist Nixon" to see if they had any ties other than his being appointed to the court by Nixon and I came across the primary link. Looks like someone had the same idea a few days ago. I'd heard a number of names thrown around previously, but never Rehnquist.

  • If Rehnquist was Deep Throat, and Nixon's lawyer before becoming a Supreme, I'd be curious as to how that might square with attorney client privilege. Any lawyers in the house? Rehnquist seems to be a pretty conservative guy, but is he just a conservative? Or is he a GOP party loyalist conservative? If the latter it seems quite a stretch to snitch out a Republican president. It's a stretch even for the former.
  • Maybe he's just a man who reached the end of his very long rope. Or found his conscience. But what about that other guy, that the class picked? I haven't heard anybody say how he's doing.
  • Or found his conscience. *snort*
  • Yeah, if he found his conscience, he'd lost it again quick enough.
  • A very interesting theory based upon the slimmest of premises. We will have to see.
  • I'll wait for the movie
  • Deep Throat? Linda Lovelace.
  • I always had Al Haig pegged as Deep Throat. Kissenger used to leak all the time but Nixon wisely didn't trust him enough to put him in the Watergate loop. Kissenger can thank his lucky stars he avoided that shit.
  • I'm not one to root for the death of another, but I just can't wait for Woodward to name the name, which he said he won't do until DT curls up his tootsies.
  • I always thought it was Haig too, but I do enjoy the Rehnquist twist.
  • Ben Stein! I bet everyone Ben Stein's money it's Ben Stein!
  • ...George Bush (the father) That made me shudder. Who'd be the Holy Ghost then?
  • Jeb.
  • I am Deep Throat.
  • Whoops! typo. I thought you guys were looking for Deep Stoat! Never mind.
  • Squeal like a pig, Fes. Wait, sorry, that'd be Deep Shoat.
  • i think what happened is, the washpost prepared an obit on deep throat (papers have obits prepared on every well-known person). woodward probably updated it and mentioned to an editor he did so (very routine). someone overheard that and the rumors exploded from there. we'll hear, sooner or later. sure is interesting to ponder.
  • A much better post would have been titled, "Can William Rehnquist Deepthroat?"
  • *gags at the thought of Rehnquist deepthroating*
  • God, Rehnquist pr0n will be the ultimate result of all of this. Let it alone, some things are better left sleeping at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Rehnquist, huh? That's really interesting. I never thought of him as a possible Deep Throat. He seems to... I don't know... loyal to the Party? Plus, in AtPM, doesn't Woodward say that he and DT were friends prior to Watergate?
  • From the Wiki... Rehnquist also created a unique robe for himself as Chief Justice in 1994. It has four golden bars on each sleeve. In the past, Chief Justices had not dressed differently than any of the Associate Justices. Rehnquist's robe was modeled after a robe he had seen in a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta Iolanthe, first staged in London in 1882. The costume which inspired Chief Justice Rehnquist, an acknowledged Gilbert and Sullivan fan, is worn by the Lord Chancellor, a character called upon to settle a dispute among a colony of fairies. My spidey sense tells me Rehnquist is a Deep Throat of a different color.
  • ... My spidey sense tells me Rehnquist is a Deep Throat of a different color. Pink?
  • Mauve, with hints of lavender.