February 10, 2005

Bird Type Specimens. The Zoological Museum Amsterdam has put up 3D images of part of their extensive stuffed bird collection. Pigeon, owl, finch, bird of paradise...but alas, no chicken.
  • Yes, friends, a whirling cavalcade of avian corpsification! A mere two bits per entrant, one for the ladies and children get in free!
  • They look really ... dead.
  • As a 'fledgling' bird carver, I find these rotating study skins a wonderful, new resource. I've tried a Downy Woodpecker in box wood and a House Finch finial in maple wood, studying field guides to remonstrate my own, flighty observations in New Jersey. Now from the list available from this museum I'm inspired to try carving a Falco peregrinus harterti - the only one of their references that pops out much resembling our local North American birds.
  • I got two bits....
  • I couldn't find any barn owls
  • it's creepy all right. the eyes... I'm glad Dan Folkus has a good use for it (I'd love to see pictures of your projects).
  • Audobon would be thrilled.