February 06, 2005

Prince Harry Speaks "Since all of that fuss regarding my wearing a swastika armband at a recent costume affair, I�ve decided to keep this sensitivity journal, charting my increasing awareness of the feelings of others, especially those of different races, religions, and smells."
  • Say it again Harry.
  • I don't know about the public reaction to the Prince Harry thing. 'allo 'allo was a comedy with SS officers and it didn't have to publicly apologise. What do you think?
  • Well, the actor who played Lieutenant Gruber didn't have "National Symbol" as the only item on his job description.
  • True. And that's a good argument for not having twats as national symbols really. It is a bit of a storm in a teacup though.
  • Ah, Gruber. I remember the episode where he sang "Mad About the Boy". Classic stuff.
  • I loved his little tank.