February 02, 2005

Doogle Google, Irish style.

For maximum appreciation, you need a passing familiarity with the catchphrases in Father Ted.

  • Holy Christ that is funny. This made my afternoon.
  • I think it was the 'searching 12 websites' tagline that pushed me over the edge.
  • That's just damn good.
  • 'Father Ted' was one of my favorite shows. Haven't watched it in a while though, maybe I'll go do that again soon. FECK!
  • Great, now I can look up the airtime of my favorite show, Ya Call This A House, Do Ya?
  • Trying out "I'm feeling bolloxed" got me "Connemara" after my search term the first time, and "green" the second time.
  • my favorite fr ted wav excerpt: mrs doyle complaining about the language in a novelist's book. more fr ted excerpts.
  • That's really brilliant! I especially love the attention to detail - the different links for "arse" and "girls", and especially that "advanced search" takes you to google.ie - heh! ) ) for you!
  • my favorite fr ted wav excerpt: Mine too.
  • Episode #4 - Old Grey Whistle Theft 01:06:02 what the fuck are you doing here? This is my fucking spot. Get the fuck off. 01:06:12 no fuckin way 01:06:17 fuck off. We come here every fuckin Sunday. 01:06:23 you fuckin bastard 01:06:32 fuck off 01:06:37 I
  • I think I need to see this show.
  • Gizoogle
  • I love that Google includes "Pig Latin" and "Bork Bork Bork" in its language settings.