February 02, 2005

Lusty robots? "Robots will have their own personalities and emotions..." We. Are. Doomed.
  • More. This chap is the brains behind the robot soccer World Cup, so he's already done 'sick as a parrot' and 'over the moon' presumably.
  • We. Are. Doomed. It's worse than you think.
  • *looks nervously at sexyrobot*
  • Maybe now some people will finally join me in my fight to legalize same-sex, non-human marriage.
  • Imagine the plummeting quality in the automotive and consumer electronics manufacturing industries when this happens... all those assembly lines underattended, while all those screeching, klanging, pneumatic sounds emanate out of the toilets...
  • well I for one. . . never mind. I like the fly eating robots in homunculus' link though, can I have one of those next summer?
  • Must. Kill. All. Humans. then have sex with them...
  • "We. Are. Doomed." It's worse than you think. When someone named homunculus says this, I worry. But then again, perhaps this just needs to be taglined: Monkeyfilter: We. Are. Doomed. Monkeyfilter: It's worse than you think.
  • Oh boy. Look at this cute critters. (35Mb .MPG movie) The day a self-sustentable, capable of sexual reproduction, robotic cockroach escapes out of them nifty research labs, then we're doomed. / looks nervously at floor while scratching arm