February 02, 2005

For the synth fetishists amongst us: self described 'dancer and electronic musician' Çikira is really, really into synths. like, a lot. Her site (admittedly a little crufty on the HTML front) is chock full of studio-pr0n. Hurrah!

Do any of our monkey musos have studio pr0n to share?

  • Ohh. Lurrv Gearslut pr0n. I'm a big fan of Mackie mixers. I can even recommend their documentation.
  • Amanda is an interesting person and also happens to be very nice. She runs a discussion group at yahoo and is one the country's most prominent Aibo owners. I had no idea that she had that much stuff, though. Wow!
  • Holy...! But what does the music sound like?
  • Holy...! But what does the music sound like? Seriously. --> "Page under construction" After reading her "Q&A," I have come to think of her as more of a collector than a musician. Sort of how I'm more of technophile than a musician (although I am trying hard to reverse that).
  • No studio pr0n -- all my work is done with OS9 software using sound scraps I find like a junky digging in the trash -- but that won't stop me from linking up.
  • well, this is my old "studio" - really just my computer and a DX21 as a controller (the young lady tinkering is my friend Mel , whose show we were working on) i have a little netlabel too... (plug! plug!)
  • The lack of any links to music really cements in my mind the fact that after a certain point, the gear just gets in the way. How would one even get started? I would be totally paralyzed every time I stepped into that room. Now, as long as we're self-linking... I use one of these running a copy of this, controlled by this, resulting in one half of this.
  • PS: p7, good tracks.