February 02, 2005

Curious, George: Ottawa Meetup! An Ottawa meetup is finally being planned! Along with MeFites, we're planning on Friday the 18th at Pub Italia. If that's no good, we can discuss alternatives [inside].
  • That would be this Pub Italia, I presume. The more monk's the merrier.
  • I will be a maybe, as I may have to leave the province anytime. I would love to *see* folks.
  • I'll probably be there. Together with my Mefi alter ego.
  • Oh no, and I knew there'd be a good reason to go home this spring break. I'll have to miss this one!
  • Thanks for the link, bonehead - that be the one. Good with everyone? I went there once, it's pretty cool, great selection of beer. Hope you can make it, dxlifer and mare (who are you on MeFi?). And sorry to miss you, niccolo - so long as this one goes well, I think I might try to organize another one later in the year. :)
  • So close, and yet so far away.
  • I'm kika on Mefi. Because some lurker already took mare.
  • perhaps... perhaps... perhaps... I've spent a good deal away from the Monkey in the last year so not really into the community feel. Nice idea, though.
  • Sorry, Koko! And Rorschach, you're definitely still welcome to come, even if you've been away. :) The date is set now: the 18th at 7pm at Pub Italia. I'll post again if there's any changes!
  • There's a wiki set up for the event; if you plop your name on it, we'll know to reserve the right number of seats, though it's still just an estimate. :)
  • I'd have to over-nighter for this and haven't been to Ottawa for over ten years. Does anyone know, off-hand, if the U of O or any of it's offspring provide alumni accomdation?
  • Never heard of alumni accomodation, sorry. I'm at U of O right now and I can't think of where they would have the space for that. I'll give accomodation some thought, I hope you can come!
  • I wasn't thinking properly, there, livii. There is/was a system whereby alumni used to be able to rent accomadation in dorms, but that's during the summer. Since I hadn't thought that through properly and then made a triple post yesterday it's sorta obvious that my mental functions are running haphazardly. *menopausal moment again*
  • So where were you all ?!? I drove all the way up from MontrĂ©al and was there, albeit ten minutes late. I asked the waitress if she had a largish group in of Meta/Monkeyfilterites but she didn't know. There were only two parties over six and both had kids and people of old age, so they were probably families. I asked around a bit but nobody had even heard of Meta/Monkeyfilter. Then I looked again on my printed note and then on my watch and the reality of the moment finally sunk in. I was a week too early. No bananas for me. (I then went on a tour of Ottawa, trying to find a movie theatre but got terribly lost; which was kind of nice becaue when you are lost you come in places you'd never come otherwise. I slept at my parents in Law and the next day I went X-country skiing in Gatineau Park which was really nice. So please don't feel sorry for me.)
  • Oh mare, I'm so sorry! That totally sucks. I'm glad you had a nice time in Ottawa though; it was a beautiful day for outdoor activities on Sunday. Hopefully we'll see you next time.