February 01, 2005

Cool wheelchairs! You gotta love any company that would name one of its chairs Spazz... or, um, maybe not. Are any monkeys out there wheelchair junkies? Whaddya think of these designs?
  • I'm not a wheelchair junkie, but I occasionally work for a company that does accessibility construction. Last fall we had a good laugh over this little project. Gives you a whole new outlook on possible uses for a wheelchair ramp.
  • Reminds me of the chair Opus & Co. made for Cutter John after finding that the only feature available at Big Fred's Wheelchair Lot was mauve armrests. Ah, Berke Breathed.. How the mighty have gotten much less mighty..
  • I'm not a wheelchair junky, but have recently noticed a few wheelchair-bound individuals in the media. The first time I was reading about a couple raising twins (wife paraplegic, husband quadriplegic) and the article mentioned that as Orthodox Jews, they had another set of manual wheelchairs for the Sabbath, when mechanized equipment is not supposed to be used. The second time was at the movies on Sunday when I saw a trailer for Rory O'Shea Was Here, although a glance at the actor's profile suggests that he's not actually wheelchair-bound. (By the way, has anyone seen it? How was it?) The black lace clad woman straddling one of the chairs on the Colours site reminds me of some kind of print campaign in the past that promoted a sexy image for people in wheelchairs. The model in that ad was actually seated in her chair.
  • Speaking of fashion in wheelchairs...Women's Wheelchair Fashion, which didn't strike me as different from other women's fashion pages until I read the descriptions for some items.