February 01, 2005

Curious George: Superbowl Sunday? First trip to NYC, arriving on Saturday night and wanting to dive headlong into US culture (jetlag permitting).

Any ideas about a salubrious establishment in the vicinity of West 49th Street where the game may be observed? Lets assume that my brain is likely to be uncooperative to the extent of making navigating the subway untenable.

  • "US culture?" am I missing something? /snark
  • Why not dive headlong into monkey culture at forksy's party? It involves navigation, but there are monkeys at the end of the tunnel!
  • am I missing something? You might be. Some of it is amazing.
  • I would stay away from the area around your hotel... go downtown... you can take a cab if you don't want to navigate the subways. at 49th, you're bound to get caught up in the Herald Square/Times Square bullshit nightmare. You'll get a better feel for NYCs culture down by NoLita or Alphabet City... Wandering around Houston St. and Broadway might be a good start. Astor place is right over there as well as the letter avenues. (This is assuming you won't grace the outer boros with your presence... tho' there is plenty of culture to be had there...)
  • The Morning News recently had a great article on things to do in NYC.
  • If I wanted to experience 1930's German culture, I would not throw on a uniform and start marching. If I wanted to experience modern US culture, I would not watch the Super Bowl.
  • so what would you do to experience 1930s German culture? Have a lager and a weiner shnitzel? :)
  • Aw come on, bernockle, every now and then (round about every 12 months or so), people need a big, bloated spectacle of sex, violence and beer. The Super Bowl is merely provided a much needed service :) Also, somewhere in there is a football game. I've been told that many people like football.
  • meredithea... I thought that was what the spirit of Christmas was about.... I guess that explains why I'm no longer invited home in December... I guess the family got tired of me drunkenly beating the cat with a stick while whacking off to furry-porn...
  • A lager and shnitzel sounds very nice, to be honest. I am of the opinion that the very best way to experience any culture is to have sex with as many people in that culture as possible.
  • you win....
  • *packs suitcase to sample the different cultures of the world* *does not forget tube of lubricant*
  • I watched the Superbowl playoffs and although that's not the best insight into US culture (in whatever form you cynics might have it), the people you watch it with are. I watched them with our Italian-American hosts, who threw a massive party with about fifty metric buttloads of food and beer and soda, and yelled and screamed and waved giant foam fingers and wore McNabb jerseys and sang the victory song at the end - in their living room. It was so worth it.
  • Y'coming?