February 01, 2005

Ask a Nineteenth-Century Whaling Expert. The academic bloggers at Crooked Timber explode the liberal myths that support the whaling ban and solve perplexing relationship issues along the way.
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  • Whales have sex?! In public?! Yet another reason to wipe out the filthy vermin. Arrrrr!
  • link is dead (times out) for me...anyone else run into this?
  • Seems to be steaming full ahead now gren. Other highlights:
    Dear Nineteenth-Century Whaling Expert: My boyfriend is always pressuring me to “go all the way,” but I’m not sure I’m ready. I don’t want to disappoint him, but this seems like a big step. What should I do? - Perplexed in Phoenix Dear Perplexed, Call me Kenneth. Well I remember those terrible days of yore, when mighty seafaring men bestrode the waves on massive vessels of oak and iron. Lo, then did the fearsome whale-beast breach and carve asunder the frothing surf, straining in vain to escape the wrath of the harpoon. Mark my words - the harpoon-thrower is your boyfriend, and fear him you must. As those steel-eyed whale-hunters were after but a single prize, so does this young fellow want only one thing. Sound and dive, young lady, sound and dive.
  • great name! Out of the Crooked Timber of Humanity, No Straight Thing was Ever Made. yowsa. oh, and arrrrr.
  • I agree with the gentlemen who said “Arrrrr!”