February 01, 2005

Make Mine Shoebox a video to be shown at various Hallmark coorprate meetings and events. (Quicktime)

by Chris Harding via Cartoon Brew

  • That was a lame post. This animator was working at hallmark and he made this subversive video for them. The rest of his stuff on the site is pretty good too as is that of one of his collaborators, who also worked at Hallmark, Chad Strawderman
  • Well, I liked it.
  • Very nice :) but what has the title of the animation to do with the animation itself? Sorry if that seems to be an obvious "duh" question.
  • I thought it was decently animated, but the voiceover ruined it. That nasely voice was unbearable. I was further annoyed by the anachronistic bitmap art that occasionally showed up. nice to see though.
  • If it helps any, Alnedra, Shoebox is a division of Hallmark's greeting cards that seems intended to market a different kind of humor than Hallmark's other cards.