January 31, 2005

The First Drink of the Day - Joel Veitch from rathergood.com is at it again. This time with extra monkey-goodness.
  • Beer is not a toy. Brilliant. I like it.
  • Outstanding.
  • It's the soundtrack to my life.
  • Man, I stumbled onto this as it's 1:35am, and I'm returning from a long film shoot--while I'm enjoying, well, the first drink of the day!
  • I can't wait for the cocktail hour ... /Wilson Pickett
  • Ahh, third-wave ska, the most ignoble of genres. Am I the only one who finds this to be crap? At least some of his other stuff was creepy. This just looks like a "my first flash" project.
  • Nothing beats a monkey beer.
  • The song's pretty catchy, the Flash is doleful.
  • Not one of Joel's better efforts but it does have monkeys so we can't be too harsh.
  • It wasn't funny and it certainly wasn't clever.
  • oi, i liked it.
  • Nice, but not nearly as magnificent as We Like the Moon. (Get bent, Quiznos!)
  • Awesome. What fun.
  • It depends on where you're from. I'm from that kind of attitude. It made me nostalgic.