January 27, 2005

Night Ranger Photo Album I had no idea these guys were still around and apparently they still ROCK!!! Time to dust off the Camaro and Groom the Mullet. Sometimes I really miss bad 80's rock.!
  • AWESOME! My Casablanca-label "Dawn Patrol" LP is skyrocketing in value. And yes, Virginia, you can still rock in America. With the proper documentation and security clearance, if the local GOP bigwig says it's okay. Tax, title, and license fees apply.
  • Damn you, rocket.
  • Why is nearly every 80's rock band's biggest hit one of those shitty ballads? Why didn't those bands figure it out and release only power ballads? Night Ranger -- Sister Christian Journey -- Open Arms Foreigner -- I Want to Know What Love Is REO Speedwagon -- Keep On Lovin' You Poison -- Every Rose Has Its Thorn Motley Crue -- Home Sweet Home Warrant -- Heaven Cinderella -- Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone Scorpions -- Still Lovin' You Kansas -- Dust in the Wind I believe those are all the biggest singles of each respective band.
  • I must respectfully disagree, bernockle. The most badass Scorpions song ever is "Winds of Change." TAAAAAKE MEEEE...TO THE MAGIIIIC OF THE MOOOMENT...ON A GLO-GLO-RY NIIIIIIGHT!!!!
  • I believe Shake Me was Cinderella's biggest hit. Man, did they rock *sniffle*
  • Would Spinal Tap's Big Bottom be a ballad?
  • "This piece is called Lick My Love Pump"
  • That's a great point bernockle, with the exception Journey, though. Wasn't every song they ever recorded an awful power ballad?
  • Spinal Tap's one power ballad was called "Just Begin Again," and it was a duet with Cher. "Big Bottom" is just a classic, and needs no further categorization. Journey started out doing less power ballads. However, when the rage became power ballads sung fasletto, I believe that Steve Perry had the following revelation, "My God! My voice already sounds like that! I can do that on every song!"
  • Hair Band power ballads are made exclusively for strippers to peel their clothes off to.
  • Journey does have a really interesting version of "Oh Holy Night" (it went on my Christmas mix - better than every other pop Holy Night I have heard - pop/rock stars usually massacre that song.)
  • Wow!