January 22, 2005

The Angel Light. Real or fake? A man claims to have built a device that can see through walls. The idea came to him in a dream and he built it without a blueprint, yet allegedly various foreign institutions have shown interest.
  • This guy is as interesting as the one who dug that hole in his backyard. Maybe you saw it but I forget the name. It was all over the internets a while ago. Troy also loves the bear. Toward Thee I Lurch, Thou All-Destroying but Uninterested Grizzly Bear
  • They have a piccy of the machine but couldn't be bothered to take a piccy of the "window" in the wall?
  • The key operative words: * And he’s done the tests to prove it, with the covert help of scientists..... Hurtubise said the reps were so impressed..... * “They couldn’t believe what they saw,” Hurtubise told..... * “One of them told me it was as if I’d discovered a new universe.”..... * head of Saudi counter-intelligence, who asked that his name not be used..... * “They told me that I was playing with electromagnetism,” Hurtubise said.... * Hurtubise said “somebody from MIT” shipped him an eight-inch by eight-inch piece of panelling..... What a crock... is there one real person that exists in this article besides Hurtibise? Neat premise, but is BayToday.ca in the biz of writing press releases?
  • Tesla also dreamed devices he later built that worked, carrying around the blueprints in his mind for more than a decade, IIRC. Mind you, he also believed he was picking up radio messages from Mars or something.
  • Then there are monkeys picking up radio messages from Nostril. Anyone heard from Penek, Penedek ....somesuch
  • Tesla also sat for hours in front of his homemade X-ray machine to improve his health. He also developed wireless transmission of electrical power. Fucking genius. He and Mark Twain would call each other "Dr." to mock the title. Goddamn, somebody FPP him. *raises glass to Nosey, keeper of all related bookmarks*
  • flashboy: that thing that looks like a cucumber wrapped in aluminum foil is actually my horse-sized member. That is all.
  • The Website
  • I knew that, petebest, I knew that. What you are failing to mention is that, not only is your majestic phallus horse-sized, it is also shaped like a horse. Ride that sucka! Rollin', rollin', rollin', keep movin', movin', movin', though they're disapprovin', keep them doggies movin', Rawhiiiiiiiide!
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  • *urp* Spaten Munich talkin'
  • Rowdy Yates in A. The theme from "Rawhide"! *bottle smash* Thank you!
  • Buuuuuuuullshit. It can see through skyscraper walls completely - we're talking massive steel skeletons - but can see the "muscles and nerves and blood vessels" in a hand? How does it know what to see through?
  • Don't miss the interactive puzzle
  • "They said, 'Troy, this is unbelievable." I can't think why. /sarcasm
  • fake.
  • Well, that's baffling. It appears to be a legitimate local news source, with the usual coverage of local crimes and municipal government action. At least one person there should have the capability to write a straight news story with at least two outside sources for quotes. Perhaps that person was on vacation this week? I wrote a pompous email message to the alleged reporter asking, in politer terms, just what the hell is going on here. Doubtful a response will be forthcoming, but I'll share if one arrives.
  • He only got a 15, or so, on the Crackpot Index, indicating to me that the Index needs to be revised.
  • has anyone seen this film ? more here
  • I once had this EMP/stealth-radar/weapon/see-through-thingy. First I tested it on my eyes and when I got radiation damage I tried on my hand and then pets. At that point it was time to call it quits and I threw it in the trash.
  • You are obviously scientifically illiterate, musingmelpomene. It knows what to see through because he tells it what to see through.
  • I sent the following to the reporter:
    Your recent story on the "Angel Light" was interesting. I'm just wondering what the demonstration he showed you was like. What happened when he turned it on? What did his contacts at MIT say when you contacted them for interviews? He says it saw through his hand, as well as through walls. How does it know what to look through and what to look at?
    He replied very politely with:
    I did not see a demonstration since Troy is continuing to make modifications to the Angel Light. But his brother Blair was a witness and I will be talking to him for a follow-up article, which will also include new photos. I asked Troy for names of people at MIT to talk to. His very forthright and, I believe, honest response was, the people there say they like him, like to talk to him and help him, but can't appear to be publicly associated with him. As to what it knows what to look at, Troy merely focus the light beam on what he want to look through.
    Well, that clears everything up.
  • I had these for years http://ookworld.com/img/prod/x-ray_spex_ad.jpg