January 20, 2005

Curious George: MonkeyCAD. What free/shareware CAD program might be good for designing a cheap mountain cabin? Something that would let me assemble lumber on-screen in 3D would be cool. Have any of you tinkered with anything in this area?
  • Does anybody else here think we got ourselves a unabomber in training? I hope he doesn't mention the Sylvan Learning Center.
  • Isn't there a Lego simulator out there? Or else real legos? Or possibly one of the Interior decorating packages, if you just put up the walls.
  • yes, i am a 3D animator. CAD might be overdoing it, though. as noted, there are commerical home architechtural/interior design apps available at most larger retail outlets for maybe ~$20, for that type of thing. mscroft, you are probably thinking of this. perhaps there is a similar, lincoln log -themed program?
  • oops. i meant, "MCroft". my bad.
  • Giant Squid - Nah, that's not me... I'm looking for something over 16 square feet.
  • If you want amazingly good and easy to use 3D software try SketchUp. Best thing about it is they give you a free trial period with the full blown edition and if you like it enough it's only $475.00 US for prolly one of the best 3D software packages out there. No I don't work for them just love what it can do.
  • If you run Linux there are numerous free (as in beer) and open source CAD programs availible. Just search freshmeat. Or, if you are on windows, try searching Sourceforge. I gave it a try, but the best I came up with was Squidfighter. Perhaps training for the impending Great Squid War?
  • The above noted is not a CAD program persay but if you understand the complexities of how to work AutoCAD 3D modeling or SolidWorks software this will be a piece of cake and have you wondering where it's been all your life. /end drooling geekdom
  • www.blender.org It's not CAD, but it can do most the same stuff. Works on *nix, M$, and OSX. Also, there are some nice renderers, so you can test the lighting (to a limited extent).
  • I have to throw Rhino3d into the mix. AWESOME program, I use it sketch out ideas all the time. Full demo available, with limited number of saves.