January 20, 2005

Face transformer (java)
  • No. Freaking. Way. I just saw this posted in the comments of a random journal; I was going to wait until I got home and had a picture to test it out with before I posted it. Damn! More seriously...it looks really fun, the one example I saw, the face was done in an impressionistic style. Cool.
  • Nostril aged sixty-two looks scarily like my great uncle Bob.
  • Brilliant. I especially like how I look as a manga character...
  • Excellent. Much better than me as a 19 years ago by dng
  • El dng manga linko no worky?
  • It'd work a damn sight better if there were more points of reference. F'rinstance, if we could line up the noses and the ears, the morphs would look a lot better. Hell, in every single on of 'em, I loook like....
  • El dng manga linko no worky? That'll be due me using an accented character in a link. (It'll work in IE, but probably not in anything else)
  • I'm a monkey! ok, ape