January 20, 2005

Welcome to a celebration and study of TOY RAY GUNS!
  • ...
  • Banana slugs, so gold, so bright, in rain forests you delight -- there, far removed from prying eyes, slugs can strech their minds, grow wise..
  • Ach! =stretch
  • oh, this is good fun! cool site. You are the [an error occurred while processing this directive] life form to visit this website since September, 1997. something poetic about that
  • I used to love the ones that were transparent plastic with friction motors that threw sparks when you pulled the trigger. Those were awesome. You can't find them anymore though; I tried to find one for my son, thinking he would find it as whizz-bang as I did at his age. It's all batteries and ear-shattering decibel levels now. Sight.
  • I swear I checked. I'm ready for my monthly (weekly?) spanking.
  • and bees, what're ya smokin?
  • This makes me want to build a fort in my dining room.
  • here's a place that has spark guns in bulk... I'll see if I can find a place that doesn't require you to get 36 :)
  • Still, $4 a dozen, that's teh cheep. This is why I love the internets. :)
  • they would make awesome party favors.
  • No weed. Just my natural bee-hive-yer, forky.