January 20, 2005

Preparing the cadaver The challenge is trying to figure out the first step in disassembling the object. As is expected with Apple, every detail of this design has been thought through and there are no visible cues as to how the casing comes apart.
  • That was kind of interesting. or maybe it's the weed.
  • I find this device incredibly disappointing, which made clicking though documentation of its destruction kinda fun. If only it had an fm radio and ran on an aaa or aa battery. Sigh. We could have been so beautiful together.
  • I'm with you on the battery thing. This is essentially a disposable iPod: battery dies in less than a year? Buy a new one! A new iPod, that is.
  • See, I have this portable-USB thingy. Uses an AAA battery. Holds music. Plays the music. I didn't pay $99 for it. Given how often I actually use the thing, I'm pretty sure that this particular iPod isn't for me. I think the consensus is that this one is for the people who want to do things you can't do with a hard-drive iPod, like rough mountain biking, playing catch with it, or seeing how far you can hit it with a tennis racket. I'd still like a replacable battery, thanks. I have heard that these will probably be huge in Japan because of the amount of USB storage, though.
  • Here I went and looked for what this thing was, because I'd never seen it. The footnotes from its page are especially enlightening: 2. Do not eat iPod shuffle.
  • 3. Profit!!!
  • I can't see the battery being much of a problem on these things.. if you use it more than about a year or so the flash will wear out anyway. I've seen plenty of USB flash drives go bad just from use.
  • My experience hasn't gone that way. So far ye olde iriver flash player has held up much better than my second generation ipod. The iriver user interface sucks eggs, which is why I was hoping for something a little more from Apple so that I could switch back. Plus, as a music geek, I like the ability to record my favorite programs via the radio.