January 18, 2005

Hong Kong Skyscrapers [via]
  • These are amazing. The lack of any reference of earth or sky really enhances the impression of Death Starish, Blade Runnerish mechanized, compartmentalized human life. These could go a long way toward killing any "new urbanism" high-rise residential building proposals, and I say that as someone who likes them. I guess you just have to remember that unlike what these pictures suggest, the earth and sky do exist and will continue to, and that with that contrast you can create some sort of harmony. But damn... those are some mind-blowing photos.
  • When I was there a month or so ago, I kept singing "Hong Kong garden -- Wo oh oh ho". Sorry, Hong Kongers, I just couldn't help it.
  • Man, it's giving me vertigo and claustrophobia just looking at these pictures...
  • The ones in the middle don't get full sunlight -- this is not good design, surely.
  • great photos... but all I could think of was... "earthquakes, what about the earthquakes......wtf is gonna happen then!" Too many natural (and unnatural) disasters recently, I guess....
  • Too many natural (and unnatural) disasters recently, I guess.... They don't have to worry about tsunamis.
  • [this is good]
  • Something very hive-ish about these photos. Looking at them, one might guess we evolved from bees. Not that that's a bad thing, of course. *tips hat to beeswacky*
  • Good place to be in the elevator business! (this be good)
  • awesome link, Richer!
  • *tips over, waves to mct*
  • I wonder what the apartments inside these buildings look like?
  • Michelin hole-in-the-wall. Mmmm...dim sum. (via Wolof from mofirc)