January 16, 2005

Pogmania! "The game of pogs originated in the 1920s on the Hawaiian island of Maui. There dairy workers played the game during breaks using simple milkcaps. Almost 70 years later, a Hawaiian schoolteacher reintroduced the game and mass appeal soon followed." taken from here!

I like these pogs because they are special and very nice and beautiful and I like them a lot. Don't forget geek pogs. Apparently you can still actually buy them, too. The wonders of the interweb, keeping alive fads that should have died when I was in middle school.

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  • He's back... in pog form!
  • An intersting link for people who like games -- thanks, loto -- I was ignorant of pog until now. =pognorant?
  • Pog-ignorant perhaps? (but no one could ever accuse you of being pig-ognorant, bees!) I'd never come across these before either. Very strange and random and interesting. Thanks loto.
  • Really? I thought it had been one of those fads that swept the nation when I was a kid ('95-96 is when I remember them.) Maybe it was just freakishly popular in my region. Hell, even my Sunday school teacher had Jesus related pogs for us during Sunday school.
  • I remember southern churches coming out against pogs, since they were teaching our young people to gamble and leading them down the primrose path to hell. They thought they'd seen the last of it with the Great Marbles Purge of ought-6.