January 14, 2005

Northumberland Rocks! More correctly, rocks in Northumberland. With prehistoric carvings on them. Forty years worth of archived information and lots of pretty photos of the historic rock art of northern England. If you live in the area, you can even search using a map and see what rock panels are near your own home.
  • Bugger ... I never knew about this when I lived in Newcastle ... cos it sounds fascinating In other Northumberland news on Wednesday the world's largest treehouse opened
  • Canny site tha knows, hinny.
  • right back at ya there, plegmund. (now someone please tell me what plegmund's comment means if translated into american english?)
  • Haway and shite, Plegmund. (Not because I mean it but because it's the only Geordie I know apart from Blaydon Races). Great site and I'll be seeking some of these out next time I'm back in the UK. Spent one of my best New Year's ever in a snowbound farmhouse in the Northumbrian wilds.
  • Ah, loverly. Best o'the web.
  • These are fine links, caution live frogs. Thanks.
  • I was aiming for the approximate equivalent of "Neat site, there, dude." But I have since been informed that the correct Geordie is "ye knaa" rather than "tha knows", and that "hinny" is best translated as "darling", which - much as I esteem you, clf - is possibly a little over-effusive. Nice site, anyway.