January 13, 2005

The Youngblood Brass Band I first heard them on NPR and was knocked out by their funky horn sound.more here and .mp3's avail on the website. Hope you enjoy this funky hip-hop jazz brass ensemble from Madison, WI.
  • I heard these guys on NPR as well and immediately bought a CD. Best 15 bucks I've spent on music in several years. They are all very good musically and seem to have a good sense for playing as a group. It's really fun stuff to listen to.
  • This is good. They remind me a bit of the Tartan Amoebas, but more brass and less Celtic.
  • Oh, thanky petebest! Reminds me of The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Buckshot LeFonque concert I saw years ago. Buckshot was good live, but their album was pretty bland. DDBB was the cat's pajamas. They had a funk tuba player.
  • See also The Hot 8, which recently was the focus of a documentary on New Orleans brass bands.
  • Dunno MCT, Hot 8 sounds good, but Youngblood's got it all over them. "Brooklyn" is my favorite free .mp3 from their website so far. I'd prefer more instrumentals.
  • Oh, that's it, that's the last straw. This means one thing: BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!11!!ELEVEN!!!
  • There's also Sex Mob, for those who like it a little looser.
  • All right, how do I get a CD? It's no longer available on amazon.com.... :(
  • Oooh, woa, this may be a "never mind." I couldn't connect to their web site before (timeout), only NPR's, which only linked to Amazon for the CD. So ... never mind. :)
  • Y'all Stand Up with Taleb Kwali still ranks as one of the single greatest hiphop tracks ever recorded. My question is... how the fuck did a bunch of white guys from Madison get down on a such a funky new orleans brass sound? They are quite good. Except of course, their main emcee blows asswang, but whatever.
  • I've been following them for a few years. Their main songwriter, the sousaphonist, recently left the band, so expect a dramatic shift in style in any new work.
  • Nice link. For more goodness on the brassy tip, but without the hip-hop aesthetic, try Drums & Tuba.