January 12, 2005

Batman's Anniversary! The TV series turns 39 today! ABC broadcast episode one, "Hi Diddle Riddle," on January 12, 1966! Celebratory Bat-Links: Bat-Quotes! The Best-Looking Bat-Site! A Bat-Episode Guide! A Fab Argentine Bat-Site! The '66 Batmobile! Batman's Traps! More inside!

PLUS: The poor, deluded Siamese Human Knot Site! How To Batusi! Bat-Images! EXTRA-PLUS: More Bat-Links!!!

  • Urgent Bat-Caution: On second thought, some parts of the poor, deluded Siamese Human Knot Site may be--at least marginally--NSFW.
  • Ace post, SF.
  • I concur. Cheers, SuperFrankenstein
  • Although the brooding, psycho, I'm-gonna-break-your-face Batman is by far my favorite incarnation. TV Bats is still pretty cool tho!
  • I may have imagined it, but I believe there was one episode where the Bat-boat had sunk, the Bat-mobile crashed, all other Bat-vehicles incapacitated. Suddenly in a flash of inspiration Bats turns to Robin and shouts as only Adam West could: "Quick, Robin! The BAT-RUN!" After which they started bookin' it tighty-style down the street. Great show. As a kid I had no idea it was a spoof.
  • I loved this show as a kid. I remember pitching an all out hissy fit when I was about 4 because my babysitter didn't think I should be watching it. It's also one of the few shows from my childhood that I can enjoy as an adult.
  • I saw Adam West and Burt Ward at a showing of the movie, and both talked about what fun they had during the making of the show. I think Adam West finally came to terms with being Batman (I'm sure DVD licensing fees helped that along).
  • Does anybody even broadcast Batman anymore? The last time I saw episodes was in 1995 on the Star Network in Hong Kong. (Fuming at the old-time shows that never get any airplay, while I Love Lucy gets aired 20 times a day)
  • From the second quote link: GORDON: Batman and Robin not available! You know what this means, don't you? O'HARA: If you're thinking what I'm afraid you're thinking... GORDON: Precisely, Chief O'Hara. The moment we've dreaded for years has arrived. This time, we're going to have to solve a case... ourselves. Holy crap, I'd forgotten how much I love this show.
  • Adam West is probably the most famous alumnus from my college. Unfortunately the only original Batman I've seen is the movie, when it was on PBS on saturday evening. It was wonderful: being rather young and arrogant, it's easy to forget that old people were once hilarious too. But, I had always figured Batman was a comic before it was a TV show. Is this not the case?
  • TV Land used to show Batman at, like 3AM on weeknights. I don't know if they still do.
  • PURE. WEST. One of the greats. I'm glad that so many people enjoy both the 60s camp version and the latter-day Keaton-esque "Dark Knight" version. Room for everybody in Gotham City!
  • The cable channel FX used to show Batman back when the channel first started and all they had to air were that show, In Living Color, the Fall Guy and a six hour show about pets. Man, that channel used to be so fucking awesome.
  • I'm also a fan of the darker Batman. Still, that themesong cannot be denied: nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana BATMAAAAAAAAAN!
  • As The Caped Crusader might say, "Nana nana nana nana indeed, citizen" Discovered too late for the front page, here is McSweeney's analysis of the Bat-Theme!
  • for a great recording of the theme and other incidental music, may I recommend The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale: Batman & Robin--with Sun Ra on organ. This site has Robin's Theme as an mp3 (middle section on the page).