January 10, 2005

The Manuary Project "My new years reolution is that I am going to get fucked. 2004 was the driest year my pussy has ever known and I am not happy. My Magic Wand broke in November and I am through grinding my crotch against pillows. I want dick. I don't care if it's big, small, black or red as long as it's hard."

And a little later: "It's official... I've had my first fuck of 2005. In fact, I've had my first TWO fucks of 2005. I met Ron for lunch and we caught up a little bit on old times. About 20 minutes into the meal, I lifted my foot under the table and put it in Ron's crotch. He was in such a rush to pay the bill and leave after that that I don't think he even waited for his change." That was on Jan 2.

  • Well, that reminds me of that story my French teacher in college told me about that girl she knew in college. That woman had a project: 1000 days of college, 1000 guys. All in a little book, with note & grade. And all that with a long-distance relationship. It was kind of disturbing to hear about it, really.
  • *fucks Richer with a great big stick*
  • Yay! next!
  • A new hitachi magic wand would be a lot cheaper in the long run. Or...I always recommend the Wahl coil vibrator. Or the Acuvibe. But then, I kinda like the throbby/pulsy vibrators, not the buzzy ones.
  • Monkeyfilter: not the buzzy ones.
  • Um, this is the best of the Web? Ew.
  • Good for her, I say. Kick up your heels skirts and have yourself a sweaty month.
  • MonkeyFilter: kinda like the throbby/pulsy vibrators, not the buzzy ones
  • Looks like viral marketing to me. (Note links in sidebar, all to iFriends.)
  • Monkeyfilter: Looks like viral marketing to me Also, Karen kicks ass.
  • Appalling.
  • Oohh . . Kicks ass. Gotcha.