December 31, 2004

Swiss Yodel Song This is a Korean (!!!) website I used to visit from time to time to get my yodel fix (it's genetic since I'm part Swiss) until it came up 404. I just did a search and happily found it on another host. This' got yodels up the ying yang...
  • Sweet stuff! Have you tried Mary Schneider, who yodels the classics? (sample soundfiles half-way down the page) You haven't lived until you've heard her rendering of the William Tell Overture ...
  • Gods! This is brilliant!
  • Has anyone found a full version of the William Tell one?
  • This is cool. I'm half-Swiss (Dad was born near Bern) and directed a Swiss-American choir for a while right after college, so this took me back.
  • This goes right up on the page.
  • Sweet! Just the thing to blast those filthy Martians all the way back to the Red Planet.
  • Thanks squidders. It's hard to get a yodel fix. Half the yodels I can find are country yodels, which aren't near as nice as swiss-style yodels (though I still like country ones, too). pantsrobot: I have full versoins of about 7 or 8 of Mary Schneider's songs, including the william tell one. I don't know how I could share, or I'd offer.
  • Guys, just download limewire or something like it. I'm sure there are some nice yodels in cyberspace.