December 31, 2004

mofi mefi sea wa Hey, over in MeTa, cb asked about a PNW Mofi meetup, and I'm just passing it along. We're informally settled on Jan 3 at the Elysian in Seattle. I'll actually make a reservation this time. 7-ish?
  • Why are they asking about MoFi meetups in MeTa?
  • 'Cause this is where all the cool people hang out.... (^_^) I'll be there! I'll be the one in the cool shades, the cool clothes, carrying a couple of handfuls of ice. . . 'cause I'm coooool...
  • Sorry, it was a Mefi MeUp, NoTa MoFi. But monkeys are welcome and so I wanted to CroPo. Happy, if somber, New Year.
  • Have fun, take pictures.