December 30, 2004

Cool Tools No, not just your standard tools, as in a monkey wrench. Tools for life in general. The site is run by Kevin Kelly, but the cool tools are reviews and suggestions on 'tools' people have found in life that they just can't live without. On the main link, look to the left for the list of sub-catagories, including (but not limited to), my favs: General Purpose Tools, Computers and Consumptivity. I have spent hours on this site. Best of the web, IM*very*HO.
  • I found myself esp. delited when there would a review or suggestion on a tool that I already have. I'd think, "hey, i'm not the only one who thinks they've found something very cool." Additionaly, I'd be curious to hear of any other cool tools you monkeys use that should be on the cool tool list.
  • I can't agree enough with the Pocket Ref, the most amazing reference guide I've ever come across. It's the pocket OED of practical reference, seriously. For working around the house, there is damn near nothing that a good pair of overalls and a good pair of boots won't do for you. Though I'd like to try those pants they've got. This is a neat site, thanks.
  • This link is a crackhouse.
  • Wow. Nice post. Thanks.
  • (((
  • Leatherman. Staple gun. Vice grips. Best tools ever.
  • I've had this link in my favorites for some time now and I LOVE it. Very useful for Christmas gifts, too.
  • I would also like a pair of those duds mct is admiring.
  • Great stuff. Nice to see Kevin Kelly back in action again. He used to be involved with the Whole Earth Review and along with Stewart Brand did the Whole earth catalogs in the 70s/80s which were basically print versions of what this website is. Thanks for posting killtk, it goes in my favourites list.
  • I've been on this site for the last 1-1/2 hours. Where'd the time go? Thanks kTK. Very enjoyable timesink.
  • Cool site. Anyone else notice the first item in the link to General Purpose tools is submitted by someone named William Gibson. I almost expected the description to be about using it enlarge the jack port on your Ono-Sendai or something.
  • Everybody who digs this probably also already knows the more electronics-focused Engadget and Gizmodo logs. What I like about Cool Tools is its lack of a silicon focus.
  • Brilliant.
  • What I like about Cool Tools is its lack of a silicon focus. Exactly.