December 30, 2004

A chat with Sloncek of the infamous suprnova bittorent tracker farm.

He gave an interview to the folks from Nova Stream. I missed a couple of seconds when I got disconnected but the rest is encoded pretty decently. Yay! My first post!

  • oh, and can someone pass this on to metafilter? I haven't got an account on there
  • They'll find it. Eventually ... (insert evil laughter)
  • There's also this mp3 of the interview from the original site you linked to above. Thanks for the post. I don't dare brave the waters of posting to Metafilter, even though I bought an account a couple weeks ago
  • Suprnova made it sound as if the announcement would be a little more than "wait a couple weeks", or am I missing something here? pantsrobot?
  • Not sure about the tme period. The forums seems to indicate that it should be available in a couple of weeks. However the real question is whether Windows-only binary-only adware is better than Bittorrent...
  • It most definitely isn't. Suprnova was never really all that legitimate either. Bittorrent qua bittorrent is safe and immune to thse fly-by-night torrent aggregating sites and snake-oil extensions to the protocol. Even the MPAA really seem to get it these days that the sites, not p2p software in general, are the culprits.
  • Oops, yeah, didn't mean to denigrate bittorrent there. Just had a feeling that this looks like another kazaa, i.e. something where the legitimate justification is faaaar outweighed by the potential for piracy