December 29, 2004

WebBoggle: Oh, how I love ye! I've been playing this game for about six months (on and off) now, and it still hasn't gotten old. I do humbly apologize if this is a double, but a search returned nothing, but it could've been wiped in the Great Purge. IMHO, Best of the web. Anyway, even if this is a double, I would like to test my mettle against some of my fellow monkeys to see how I measure up. Look for the 'ol Debaser626 if you want a challenge good laugh! (NSFW, but only in a productivity-killing sorta way.)
  • Oh... I only do the 4x4 games, 5x5 is way too brain-draining for me...
  • Yeah I posted this a few months ago, pre crash, but it is definitely deserving of a repost. I love this website- my boss does not.
  • And for those wondering how I won the last round,
  • I had never played Boggle before, but this is tons of fun. Thanks.
  • Which one of you is cheating besides me I mean I voted for kodos
  • Cheating? Damn you debaser, I will never get anything done ever again.
  • My biggest complaint, besides the preponderance of cheaters, is that they accept 3-letter words. I've always felt that 4 or more letters with a simple scoring rule like (#letters - 3) makes Boggle a much fairer game. Incidentally, I wonder what sort of writing systems such a game can be good for. Certainly the alphabetic systems, assuming we ignore diacritical marks, but I wonder if it cannot also work for syllabic systems like in the Indic languages, or systems of combining elements like Korean or the Arabic languages.
  • Who is this fucking gabe who got 200 something last round.
  • AHHHHHhhhH!!!
  • You bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;!
  • Thanks for reminding us about this. I played a couple of rounds this afternoon. It's a good drop-in sort of thing.
  • Man, there are a ton of 3 and 4 letter words that I don't know.
  • "Melter." "That's not a word." "One who melts stuff." "Fine, whatever. Just go on." "Remelt." "Let's play something else."
  • Oooh. Thank you. For me, this is about as addictive as Text Twist, but a little harder.
  • I play all the time, although lately I've been doing 5x5. I'm on vacation now, though I'll play later in the week. Always livii. Try to beat me. ;) Hope more monkeys play; last time this was posted not too many ended up doing so. :(
  • I rarely cheat in this game, and when I do, I simply sign on with the exact same screename as one of my friends. I tallies both of your scores. It's just a tad more admirable than using a "cheat sheet" as at least it's actual people entering words. It's nearly tantamount to folks standing behind me, shouting out words, but without the annoyance of "DID YOU GET AQUA YET?! DIDJA DIDJA!?!?!?!" I'm usually on after my lunch 2:00PM EST. I hope to see some of you there!
  • Oh, thank you Debaser!!! I used to play Tangleword at playsite, but major changes there have turned the site from innocent fun to playing simple games for money. I like your version better, too: no major apps, no loading time, just you & the board. ( ( ( (
  • I would have done better but my screen was too small.