December 29, 2004

Although the MSN Search isn't as good as the old standby, Google it can do one thing Google can't: Algebra. (via
  • Now that you have revealed the beast's Achilles heel, the Google-minions will no doubt fix the flaw within the fortnight.
  • Well I'll be damned. And all this time I was doing my own homework. To think.
  • toohep: To think. Yep, that's the whole idea there.
  • google can do arithmetic, but as far as i can tell, it can't do algebra. That is it cannot tell you what X is in 3+x=4 (not to boost MSN search, it is pretty poor as far as I can tell, I just thought it weird that they would bother putting that feature in!)
  • It's just a frontend to some encarta shit.
  • Google has found this thread. By tomorrow it will be calculating antiderivatives.