December 29, 2004

The Golden Jubilee of Tiddlywinks is here! January 2005 will be the 50th Anniversary of Modern "Winks", and will be celebrated by a range of Golden Jubilee Events. Learn the language at the first link, and then plan to attend the "squidge-off", scheduled for 10:30 on January 8th, per Should be a hootenanny...
  • how cool is that? for us yank winkies... or would that be tiddlers... there's the north american tiddlywinks association. for some reason i thought tiddlywinks was a lot older. learn something new everyday. thanks arch1!
  • Interweb coincidence. Completely out of the blue, my wife got a set of tiddlywinks for Christmas. Neither one of us has ever played or expressed any desire to play before.
  • You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. hootenanny Nice links though, cheers.
  • well, to some tiddlywinks may be "An unidentified or unidentifiable gadget." mid, that's bizarre! in a fun way. so have you tried to play yet? that's one creative gifter.
  • Gamecat... must cop that it's St. Louis slang, and I've infected much of the midwest with the diseased misuse of the term. Ironic, as half of the reason I made this post is due to the terminology of the winks... just say it once and it makes you smile: "squop".
  • Actually, I've heard it used here the way arch1 used it, as meaning a large party--almost a drunken brawl. Perhaps those fiddlers tend to get down a bit?
  • for some reason i thought tiddlywinks was a lot older Actually, tiddlywinks was first pattented in 1889. Competative tiddlywinks was, however, formalised in 1955.
  • I have only ever heard "hootenanny" used to mean "party." seems to have missed a definition on this one.
  • Nope, I've opened the set up (it's actually quite nice -- inexpensive, but nice), but we haven't tried it out yet. And yeah, we like random weird stuff like this. I got her a tin wind-up Lone Ranger & Silver that rocks back and forth and twirls a lasso.
  • Update: Hardest. Game. EVER. We took our set over to TenaciousPettle's last night and took it out for a spin. This game should be called "Find where the little plastic disks hit the floor."
  • "Playing tiddlywinks" is a great euphemism.
  • Only if the way you do it involves a lot of bending over to pick stuff up off the floor, drinking heavily to deal with the frustration, and occasionally screaming "MOTHERFUCKER! WHERE DID IT GO?" Oh. Yeah, that's a good euphemism.
  • is that why your neck hurt so much, mct?
  • I have no comment at this time. A statement will be released by my office later today. Meantime, my neck still really hurts.