December 29, 2004

Neologistastic! What word would you like to be in the English language?

I propose "descendulator", for an escalator that goes down.

  • Bugger. Forgot to put "Curious George" in. It is.
  • Cuntybooks. This has been a particular expression of mine for about 20 years. It means, essentially, bad news or an exclamation upon hearing adverse information. Viz: "Hi, Chy, how's your day been?" "Cuntybooks!" Anyone who has been in the Sturry, Kent, school library between 1982-1984 will know exactly whence this expression arises.
  • YOu've killed the thread, you stupid asshole!!!
  • Franbifflery Fran·biff·le·ry I don't know what it means, nor do I care. I just would like it to be in the language.
  • Aren't there entire books of these?
  • Yes.
  • Bugger.
  • There's a campaign running at the moment to get the word Bouncebackability into the dictionary.
  • or...
  • C.A.N. It was an acronmy for "cunt-ass nun" that I devised in college to describe some of the faculty. Not to be confused with "C.A.F.", which was, of course, "cunt-ass Friar."
  • Acronmy is sometimes known as "acronym" in parts of the world.
  • acronomy... the study of acronmies...
  • paging languagehat, please report to this FPP... i would like to be "succotash."
  • *arrives in fairy godmother outfit* And so you shall! *Ping!* *floats away in giant bubble*
  • My daughter would say "lello" as opposed to yellow. I propose an alternative spelling to llello just so it appears in spelling-bees across the nation. llello n. (lel · lo) 1) One who is loved. 2) A sweetheart or darling. "My dearest llello has a penchant for franbiffery."
  • I heard a page, but all I see is a wriggling succotash.
  • Oh, and I really like franbifflery. The word, I mean. I've never actually franbiffled.
  • I always thought I invented "smorgasm", but I guess I didn't.
  • Oooooh, Pete, I'd love to see you in your fairy costume. I like fairy costumes. Does yours have wings and pants? Just for Pete, I propose the word PANTASTIC!
  • Catagasm: the pleasure experienced by a cat when you scratch it in just the right way, often on the back just near the tail.
  • nostril, don't forget eargasm, the extremely pleasurable sensation one often experiences whilst using a cotton squab (q-tip)
  • Cantelabrum/a, goosh, and fizzlestick come to mind whatever these things could be.
  • Please, no bouncebackability. Not so long as there's resilience. The problem with lots of that kind of proposed word is that the coiner has a limited vocabulary, and is too pig-headed to try and find an existing word. It's what has inflicted abominations like 'proactive' and 'functionality' on us.
  • all those words other languages for complex and abstract staes and feelings
  • I need a word for the feeling of sitting in cool fine grassless dirt under a tree.