December 28, 2004

The Anti Bush Video Game Due to the extreme time-wasting opportunities, and some sections, NSFW. Flash. Very intricate.

No particular reason. I actually found this with a Google search for "". Go figure.

  • It is the best Flash game ever, although Darth Rumsfeld is way too hard, I think.
  • This one is fun, and weird and full of pop culture stupidness. Besides that, it feels great to kick Bush's ass.
  • Wait a minute, do you mean some people don't like our Glorious Leader? /grins
  • I like the idea and theme but the actual game is kind of dull, the baddies take too long to kill and the controls are a bit too floaty for my liking.
  • To quote my good friend sexyrobot, "kill the president".
  • Kinda long winded with poor controls. Still I can't believe I played the whole thing.
  • ditto jeblis had some good laughs... though the majority were for the intro.