December 28, 2004

A bit about the culturally accepted presence of elves in Iceland.
  • I misread this at first. Better to have an infestation of elves than an infestation of Elvis.
  • Great post!
  • Elves are jewish, just like MR and Mrs Santastein, the Elvebergs have been incognito.
  • "We tread carefully. There are people who can negotiate with the elves, and we make use of that." *blinks*
  • No mention of nipples, though.
  • There is a really good book called Field Guide to the Little People by nancy arrowsmith, which I used to have a copy of, but lost somewhere. I've been looking for it in shops for years but its out of print. It's like a scientific study of the different species of elves, coupled with several short and very dark stories about each of them, often crammed with gore and horror.
  • Did someone sight Elvis on Iceland?
  • Nostril, here you go
  • Grand post moonbird, thanks. And thanks for the book recommendation, Nostril, it sounds splendid - there are quite a few copies to be had at too (I've just bought one...)
  • Could the 'elves' be like Leibniz's 'monads', said to infest the world with 'intelligence', down to the smallest bit? And didn't Bertrand Russell (I.Q. 190) himself credit Leibnitz with discovering the calculus? If so, then it could be that the concept of elves, in some sense or other, does make sense. And I like the part about them helping Nature, that needs all of the help it can get these days...
  • Unfortunately, islander, due to lack of credit card, I cannot order shit online.
  • O to think there is now a magic and troll boom!
  • The alvar had little actual experience with the macroscopic world they irrationally but fervently longed to breach. Only occasionally did a few of them manage a brief escape, frenetically enjoying the odd pleasures of the supradimensional zone for a short time, before inevitably dropping back down to their ground state below the Planck level. Once trapped again in their subdimensional prison, the adventurous alvars would recount to their fellows the hardly believable experiences they’d undergone. These tales were passed from one alvar to another as they constantly chattered amongst themselves, eventually attaining the proportions of myth. “The high-planers ingest sweet chunks of their worldstuff!” “They use picture boxes to learn their hive mind’s mood!” “Of flurbbing, they know not!” “Their landscape is static across lesser timescales!” “They tend symbiotes called cows!” Such was the stimulating talk exchanged between the fits of importunate scrabbling. But now several alvar were holding a different kind of conversation, one that was more purposeful than fanciful.
  • If he's serious about getting rid of them he has only to give them a suit of clothes each.
  • *Reveals true identity: elf* for sure <:(!)