December 23, 2004

The One Where My Co-Workers Whipped it Out. Janis Hirsch's suit against "Friends" will go to the California Supreme Court.

This ran on MeFi earlier, but I don't recall this much info being disclosed. Anyone got the link to that thread?

  • Oops, it was Amaani Lyle who brought the suit. Hirsch merely relates her own experiences for the story.
  • Found it.
  • Can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Oops. I said kitchen.
  • OMG!!! The writers talked and joked about sex on a show entirely devote to sexual innuendo. I like how she plays the race card as well. "Well if I can't get 'em on the sex thingy, I'll acccuse them of being racists; 'cause racism is BAAAD! " If your ambition is to work in an incredibly lucrative and creative medium, you can't then argue that the very creative process somehow demeans you. Interesting that she is now working for the frikken Air Force, hardly a bastion of equal opportunity for women, or blacks. And if she is so easily offended, why is it that she engaged the services of a lawyer named Scott O. Cummings?
  • I can't talk about how the sex talk may have been part of the "creative process", since I've never been part of a group-creative-process like that. However, I thought it was funny to see her claiming that she was let go for pressuring the writers to include more black people. Reading the article, it sounds like she was a short term teammate years after the show had started. Did she really think the show was going to add a new cast member? It never did before, and it was still wildly successful, why should it? No wonder she was fired, she wanted to mess with the money train, change the formula. It is called "jumping the shark", and they only start making those changes when they think they have to, not when some uncomfortable-with-the-team newbie wants to make her mark without earning her chops, and certainly not simply to be Politically Correct.
  • Well, they DID add a new black cast member.
  • I just feel cheated by the fact that these accusations are way funnier than any Friends episode.
  • I won't comment on the allegation of racially-motivated firings, but claiming harassment due to off-color jokes is absolutely ludicrous. It's a fricking comedy series! Of COURSE the writers are going to toss jokes around that may or may not be appropriate for TV. Here's a newsflash: Comedy is about pushing boundaries and surpising people! Unless you're writing for the Three Stooges, you're going to look for ways to push the envelope. And in an environment where this is a necessity, some people are going to push it too far, or get caught up in their own tastelessness. It happens. I mean, Christ. Just imagine if this woman had been around for the Sienfeld "Contest" episode. There are just some professions you don't go into if you're easily offended. Just like short people don't get into the NBA, if you don't have a sense of humor and an open mind, don't try to go into comedy writing.
  • I don't see what everyone is upset about. I routinely whip my cock out for my female coworkers to enjoy. Hey, who wants a little cock?
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  • Hey, you are right, they DID add a black cast member for a while. Aisha Tyler, who used to be on "Talk Soup". Her part was forgettable, and it was way way after the show had jumped the shark. I miss Talk Soup.
  • Just like short people don't get into the NBA ... WHAT?? This is unforgivable. Short people, UNTIE!! Friends sucked.
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  • Right on, Space Coyote. The sad irony of it all is that the "Friends" writing was neither creative nor funny. What TV really needs is more police/criminal court/forensics/medical dramas. MUST. SEE. TV. There is a special ring in hell reserved for Hollywood's hack writers and hack producers. (It's located above the one for members of collegiate 'Young Republicans' clubs, and below the one for people who use the word, "myself", as a personal pronoun.