December 22, 2004

Monkey holiday cheer! "Mr Monkey would like it to be known that certain people prevent him wearing his excellent Christmas hat as often as he would like, and he wishes it could be Christmas every day. Mr Monkey has been listening to supermarket muzak too much."

Or if xmas isn't your speed, then there are other monkey hats! I searched, so sorry if this is a double!

  • patita: ))) for hat-based marvellousness. you are most awesomemost! note that many of our monkeys can be represented by Mr Monkey. Thus: tracicle, Nostrildamus, languagehat (yes, i know it's not the 'hat's hat, but the 'hat is smart like a mortarboarded monkey)
  • Mr Monkey has other seasonal friends, some of whom wear hats, too.
  • "Hace mucho sol, pero afortunadamente tengo mi sombrero" That silly little monkey really put me in a good mood. Thanks patita!
  • Patita! a million Monkey huzzahas and horrays! Ya done good, babe.
  • I'm not sure that reindeer companmion is a really a reindeer -- its head is spherical, for one thing. Can a caribou carry booze? Can a reindeer wear a sprig of holly -- I suspect this alleged reindeer is really a figgy pudding in disguise!
  • a wreath of nanas to you! great link!
  • Strangely, compulsively, I have returned to this site several times since it was posted. I have explored the various manifestations of Mr Monkey & his friends. I have even fallen to approximation of his actual size. His expression amuses me. This is a good link.
  • I'm compelled by the incredible detail on how the various costumes were made. And the pictures. And the rants (just discovered these--I think Mr. Monkey deserve honorary membership here). And the monkey.
  • I sense owls in the moss.