December 20, 2004

Can you escape... THE DARK ROOM? Cos I certainly bloody can't.

Flash; click on the big green PLAY button. If anyone makes any headway, uh, help me?

  • I got through this morning. Where are you stuck?
  • Fun stuff.
  • WTF?
  • Misnomer. Should be called the Dark Cube, really.
  • Dang, that's an irritant. Stupid complicated cube with the logic and the slightly awkward flash rendering. Something to return to tomorrow, I feel.
  • Well I feel dumb now.
  • Spoilers! (kinda, I haven't gotten that far) There's three circles in the room that, when clicked, will make the colors red, blue, or yellow appear. The odd corner of the cube gets energized by these colors. When this corner is clicked, the room will change based on the specified color(s). Each new room appears to have a puzzle, but I haven't figured out any. I think I almost solved orange.
  • I solved one finally. (purple)
  • Red one is easy. I keep losing my point of reference with the orange one, so I had to give up. Solved the purple one too.
  • I finished it. I got stuck on the white room, but returning to play it I found that they have hints posted at the site. (I think I'd have figured it out, but still) Alnedra: for a point of reference, try the room-changer button in the corner. Mfpb: Misnomer? How is that room not a room? Being cube shaped doesn't stop it from being a room. BBF: This was awesome. Thanks.
  • Okay, so I'm left with yellow and green. I know what to do in each situation, I just can't. Bugger.
  • Well, if you wanna be pedantic about it, it's a cell, really. /snotty English accent (as if I could) Thank ye kindly Knick, I'll give it a try later.
  • I'd contest that all cells are rooms, though.
  • Blaise, I'm not disputing it's a room. I'm just disputing Mfpb's point that it's a cube. And being snarky.
  • ...I knew that. uh.
  • I'm just disputing Mfpb's point that it's a cube.
    Maybe this is Mfpb's point. At least this is what I thought of when looking at the dark room.
  • linky no worky. Sorry, too many deadlines have made me rather unpleasant. Thank goodness the last one's today. Whee! *does Happy Dance*