December 14, 2004

Customized M&M's! "Now you can print your very own messages on M&M'S
  • Be sure to check out the link about what you can and can't put on your candies. Might dampen your enthusiasm a smidge.
  • no schools or names of institutions! damn! but hey, OOK OOK still fits. in fact, you could do OOK OOK OOK OOK
  • How many times can the word "angel" fit on an M&M?
  • What about simply putting the letter 'e' on them...
  • Can I order some purple ones that say viagra?
  • This just makes me think of that joke... Why was the [insert group whose intelligence you'd like to insult here] fired from the M&M factory? For throwing out all the W's.
  • Let's see how long this one is available...
  • This is great, however it's very annoying how they won't ship to Canada.
  • The "no using Mt. St. Helens" thing confuses me. I mean, do mountains have copyrights or privacy rights?
  • maybe someone made some mt. st. helen's M&M's and mt. st. helens got all mad and wrote a nasty letter, threating a lawsuit. volcanos have a tendancy to blow their top, you know.
  • I am ashamed that I laughed at the above comment.
  • All I can think of is this machine that sorts M&Ms by color and sells them. Prices may vary.
  • There's a candy store here that sells M&Ms by the color. That is awesome. M&Ms melt in Mt. St. Helens, but not in your hand.