December 13, 2004

20 Questions A.I. style. Think of an object, answer the questions posed by the computer and see how long it takes it to identify what you're thinking. (via The Blue)
  • The trick to winning is to pick a technical object that is pretty rare, so nobody will have trained the AI to recongnize it. But it's probably harder now than it was last time this was posted here.
  • This is just plain Scary! thanks for the link!
  • I am surprised that it does what it does with just a neural-net, and I would love some technical documentation. I suspect that it is some sort of neural-net/decision-tree hybrid.
  • Yeah.. I saw this on MeFi earlier today, but decided not to follow through, I remember this from before. (Not trying to rain on your parade Sooooz). I had seen it earlier this year somewhere, and the AI has definitely gotten better. I wasted about a half hour at work clicking on Sooooz's link. It's definitely an oldie, but a goodie. Thanks Sooooz!!!! (I don't know why, but I really like typing Sooooz) Funny note is to check out the "little known facts" about certain objects. I don't know where they come up with this crap. I like it better when the AI beats me, though. It got "paper clip" in 7 questions. Makes ya get chills I tells ya!!
  • I was playing this the other day, and like always, I gave my location as Antartica. Now it's one of the defaults. w00t!! (I didn't realize I could skip that part the first time, or I would've) It still doesn't recognize bicycle tire. There were a couple other that it couldn't recognize, but I can't remember them. (Matter of fact, every thing I came up with it failed to recognize. This time it did much better) Anyways, this was cute: You were thinking of panties. Can you smell it? You said Depends, I say Yes. Do you use it in public? You said Yes, I say No. Is it involved in movies? You said No, I say Yes.
  • When I tried panties I got: Do you know any songs about it? You said No, I say Yes. Someone enlighten me please - I need to know a pantie song!
  • After 29 questions it gave up and said I won. The object was the White Rabbit's pocket watch.
  • "IP" wasn't in it's knowledgebase. What's up with that?
  • Does your mother know what you are thinking about? I am not allowed to talk about stuff like this, but, I am guessing that it has something to do with drugs? Yes , No , Close 18.Does it stink? Yes.
  • Thanks for not minding the double post, Debaser626! I thought this was a great find.
  • You were thinking of a jukebox. Is some part of it made of glass? You said Yes, I say Doubtful. Do you use it with a computer? You said No, I say Yes. Does it come in a box? You said Unknown, I say No. Is it square shaped? You said No, I say Yes. Contradictions Detected Uncommon Knowledge about a jukebox Is it usually visible? I say Doubtful. Is it human powered? I say Yes. Do you carry it in your pocket? I say Probably. Does it grow on a tree? I say Yes. Do you make pie from it? I say Yes. Does it come from trees? I say Yes. Does it have a long nose? I say Probably. Is it useful? I say No. Does it store information? I say Yes. Does it have big ears? I say Probably. Can it change size? I say Probably. Is it a type of fruit? I say Yes. Is it used to record an event? I say Yes. Does it pant? I say Yes. Is it made of crystals? I say Yes. Does it have striped fur? I say Yes.
  • It couldn't guess "booger", even after 25 questions, but it *did* incorrectly guess "mucus (nasal fluid)" after 20. Shocked the heck outta me...