December 13, 2004

Watch the Monkey DISSOLVE - a QUICKTIME movie of a monkey carcass rotting, er, well, stripped of it's compenent parts, and sort of tumbling away. Don't worry, it's not that horrible. Obviously you will need Quicktime to watch this. Duh.

In fact, it's crap. Needs a musical soundtrack from Bach or something, a la Peter Greenaway.

  • Oh, that's really beautifully done. Still, I would rate it slightly NSFL (Not Safe For Lunch). I agree- it needs music.
  • Heh. I've got my own music on, so I think it's pretty cool. Greenaway sure does come to mind -- it's like A Zed and Two Noughts, only much, much shorter.
  • That was what I was making oblique reference to, good movie. BTW, a shop near me sells durian fruit. I wonder if I should try them? I'm aware of their reputation.
  • If you do, mail me some. {picturing the postal worker's facial expression}
  • "Obviously you will need Quicktime to watch this. Duh." It plays fine in MPlayer for me.
  • Music-wise, having tried out a number of tracks, it synchronises very nicely with the opening of Man Parrish's Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop), and also goes well with ELO's Mr Blue Sky. If those don't do it for you, Olivia Newton John's Xanadu (ELO again!) or Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights may be what you're looking for (the chorus comes in beautifully). The latter works especially well, perhaps on the grounds that you'd not rule out the possibility of it actually being a Kate Bush video.
  • ick ick ick melting, rotting monkeys
  • i think it is more of a: melting, torn asunder, chewed by insects, falling apart monkey thing and, not so icky if you whistle circle of life while you watch it...
  • I like this monkey, so I came back to play with it some more. The best things I've paired it with have been a.) Drilling a Home, from George Harrison's Wonderwall Music, which is very jaunty and turns it into a comedy, and b.) Song of the Angel from John Tavener's Eternity's Sunrise, which is somber and elegant enough to make of it a sweet memento mori. flashboy, you have Man Parrish? That's great stuff! I'm also thinking what about Kate Bush's Under the Ice, though I don't have it and I'm not sure I remember it correctly. Nostril, everyone should try some durian at least once, so they'll know whether they're in the "love it" or "hate it" camp. It seems strange that you can get it this time of the year, though. As far as I know, only the variety of durian called monthong is durable enough to be shipped out of Asia, and even then, in season, (May or so) it arrives frozen. Make sure it isn't last year's long-frozen crop. It's hard enough for durian to make new friends! /hijack
  • Little Durian, I think they've got trees going for the last five or so years that can bear fruit all year round. Seems that way, anyway, as I've been seeing durians every day in Singapore. Also saw a couple of whole fruits on sale in London's Chinatown just last month.
  • Don't mind the lack of music, and I'm pleased it lacks scent.
  • Creepy! I think it's the fur and skin coming off that I have a problem with. It's pretty cool aside from that, though. Golliwog's Cake Walk by Debussy works well as a soundtrack.
  • ew.
  • If your lookin for a soundtrack, I just found these guys: The Clubfoot Orchestra who do these really bizarre silent film scores (I found them through Sherlock Jr.). Here's some MP3s.
  • Also plays just fine in QuickTime Alternative.
  • And if you want disgusting.. (warning: knotse)
  • Beautiful. (And amazing how you guys continually find these monkey-themed links. . .)
  • Thoroughly enjoyable in the deepest of fashions.