December 13, 2004

High Desert Meetup There was some mention earlier of getting a meetup together when I visit Joshua Tree come January [mi]

Can I get you Monkeys together for bananas and perhaps a pitcher of cockpunch at one of the many fine establishments in town on the 22nd?

  • sorry about the [mi] stutter....
  • A22lamia: where exactally are you meeting?
  • Mojave. I'll be there. not.
  • (unless someone wants to pay my airfare)
  • Sorry Nostril - I've already got school paying for my and my field slave, um I mean assistants airfare... Bluehorse I was thinking Crossroads Cafe which is in the center of Joshua Tree - if thats too classy we could always do the J Tree Saloon....
  • Well just send me some peyote.
  • I could possibly be talked into driving out there, depending on my schedule. My family lives in the Coachella Valley about 30 miles away. If we plan it right, I'd be able to crash at mom and dad's. Any other LA monkey's wanna join me?
  • Weird... I lived in Nevada and I always thought the High Desert referred to central Nevada. Fortunately Wikipedia cleared it up: Angelenos often refer to its southwestern portions, the Antelope Valley and the Victor Valley, as the High Desert.. Guess ya learn something every day.
  • The usage of "High Desert" all depends on where you use the term. When I'm in LA I use it to refer to everything out towards Edwards AFB, when I am visiting my family in the Coachella Valley, I use it to refer to the Joshua Tree area. Just like when I refer to "the Valley" in LA I mean the San Fernando Valley and when I am in Palm Springs I use it to refer to the Coachella Valley.
  • Remind me when we get a little closer to that date, squid - I may be able to join. thanks!
  • Squidafer: When in Idaho on the Snake River plain, High Desert is home. I do so want to attend. Can't pursuade the mister to take a drive though. *sigh