December 13, 2004

A2/Detroit MoFi Meetup This Saturday, Dec 18th, starting at 2pm at the Arbor Brewing Company.

Change of locale, because we found out that Leopold Bros. doesn't open until 4pm.

  • Ah Ann Arbor, I haven't been there in ages; Such a nice city, but how I loath those wolverines. /unrelated
  • Monkeys meeting at a brewery. There'll be trouble. Big trouble. Big MONKEY trouble. Just you mark my words.
  • So, when is the Perth West Australia meetup? bastards
  • This christmas, why not help an underprivileged child? By giving just one shoutout to the quidnunc kid, you can change his life for the better. All donations are tax deductible.
  • Gah! I won't be back in Michigan yet! Makes me sad :(
  • *turns northwest, waves*
  • I'm going to have to somehow trick my wife into letting me plan both the location and time of our next vacation so it coincides with a meetup. Or you could all come down here and camp out in my backyard. It has a privacy fence, so you can pee in the yard. Also, I have power tools to play with, and a swingset.
  • Yes, I'm going to drive home to TX (from NW Ohio) this Thursday or Friday. :( Ah well, have one for me!
  • You had me at pee in the yard.
  • hmm
  • I'm a friendly drunk!
  • Does anyone have a digital camera that they can bring to the meetup? The best I have is my crappy camera phone.
  • It's still killing me that I can't make it. You monkeys have fun!