December 13, 2004

Skeletal structures are not the easiest thing to draw. As an art student myself, I've found that drawing the bone structure and THEN the character is much much easier. What is done here is brilliant.

and if I had to choose a favorite, I think Buttercup would win, if only because it just makes her look so damn evil.

  • Nice post. Cheers.
  • ))))))))) Thanks Emmcee!
  • The reconstructed skeleton of a banana to you.
  • These are awesome.
  • Hello Kitty stares into my very soul.
  • Yeah, the Powerpuff Girls one is the freakiest for me.
  • yay! new wallpaper!
  • Shmoo doesn't have a skeleton. Me & a couple of other people posted that as comments on the picture, the guy first erased the comments, then took away the comment feature!
  • I want to see the skeletal structure of Raggedy Andy, SpongeBob, ATHF, Jafar and Genie, Optimus Prime, Orko, Casper, Pooh, Bowser, and PacMan
  • What, no Richie Rich?
  • i'm glad someone posted this, i didn't have time to check if someone had. i just love it on so many levels.
  • and neither schmoos or barbapapas could have bones but if they could figure out how they could--
  • Why does only one PowerPuff Girl have teeth?
  • This is so very nifty indeed! Yer on the right track, Mr. Knickerbocker.
  • So. Very. Cool.