December 13, 2004

Fatboy Slim in three and a bit minutes performed by kittens! Oh, yes - it's real alright. This is an actual Fatboy Slim video. (for the new single 'The Joker') And it has kittens. And ducks. And trolley cars. But mostly kittens. Oh my gosh, so many kittens.

Bloody hate the song tho. Actually, don't like FBS much. BUT THERE ARE KITTENS!

  • Love the kitten cop and the catnip induced psychedelia... crap song though... KITTENS!!!!!
  • KITTENZ!!! If Spike Jonze isn't involved in this somehow, I'll eat my cat. (Apparently FBS was asked to cover the track by Levis. Bootsy Collins is involved. Very odd choice of song. Hmmm.)
  • The kitty on the turntable makes it all worth it.
  • Hmmm. You realise this is not a Fatboy Slim original, right?
  • I'd love to watch this, but absolutely cannot navigate the German page. Seems obvious but I never get to a stream or a download. Hope me? And yeah, Nostril, it says that it was from a contest, or something. I don't actually read German tho'.
  • LOL No, I mean it's an old Steve Miller song.
  • I have a jester hat exactly like the one that the lead kitten is wearing. This video gave me an amazing amount of joy for a Monday morning.
  • translation: The winning result of a "Make a video" contest from a US record company. Jan Loscheider is a big cat lover, who wanted to produce the motto "Let's go see Fatboy Slim" with 25 kittens. Engaged for the production was the team from Purr Fect Productions, who are known for their production of TV commercials for producers of kitty litter of the same name. The excellent result is here to see - choose: Modem,ISDN,DSL. <-these are links to the different sizes. (sorry if it's a little off, but so am I)
  • Livii, das tolle Resultat gibt es hier zu sehen.
  • Which resolves to this Windows Media stream.
  • Lord, I swear, just when you thought you'd seen it all... I will NEVER commit suicide knowing that tomorrow might hold something even more amazing than this! Where will it all end?
  • Thank you, goetter! The second link worked; for some reason it wouldn't work directly clicking on the page. Thanks too, patita, that link just hadn't been working though. That is officially the best thing I've seen in ages. I want to put a cute little police officer outfit on my cat now, but I have a feeling that despite her sweet nature, I'd end up...less well off for the effort. I also want to adopt the little homeless cat, awww.... And Nostril, lol indeed, I totally misinterpreted what you said, and didn't think of the title, d'oh. That was indeed...a weird thing for FBS to be covering.
  • That guy sitting next to her: is that Keith? If not, who the heck is Keith and why isn't he there? If he is Keith, that chick is totally awesome. I can't tell if seeing all the human hands make this video better or worse.
  • I think she's an actress & the whole thing is a kind of spoof.
  • The guy sitting next to her is Norman Cook. Or in this case, Fatboy Slim
  • I thought it was hilarious how he looked bored, embarrassed and slightly incredulous.
  • I thought the homeless cat thing was mean. It was obviously a tiny, unweaned kitten without its eyes open, probably looking for its mother, and they took and shined bright spotlights at it? *sigh* Other than that, loved it. But pooor kitty!
  • Wow. Like those poker playing dogs coming alive.... shudder. And yes, I feel that's the weakest song of the CD. The videos for other two tracks, Dot Slash (somewhere in can't get the URL right now) and Don&#039;t let the Man get you Down (11Mb QT MOV) are great.
  • That's FBS? Oh. I get it then.
  • I'm confused. Is Windows Media Player for Mac not working right (which is very possible) or does this video really consist of still pictures that stay fixed on screen for longer than 10 seconds. If it's the latter, I think it's brilliant.
  • Fuck, I now restarted it and the kittens move. What I saw the first time: A slideshow of kitten pictures with about 1 picture every 6 seconds. Which was very disturbing and intriguing at the same time. Too bad, it's just the crappy Microsoft player.
  • link to, Dot Slash Video was cute but very weak song.
  • These kittens have flava.