December 13, 2004

Curious George: free or cheap web hosting any recommendations?

I need to host some largeish (10-15MB) .wmv files somewhere. I already have my main site hosted at an ISP, but I only get 20MB total. I dont really feel like moving everything to a new host, so i would like to just host the videos on a seperate domain. Does anywhere exist that will let me upload files this large and give me a decent amount of space? I would like it to be halfway reliable so i suspect i'll have to pay at least a little bit. Since this wont be hosting my main site, I dont care about any features besides amount of space, max. file size allowed, and bandwidth allowed I guess...

  • This came up awhile back but I can't find the original link. Anyway, TextDrive was mentioned.
  • Startlogic is my own webhost: $7.50 a month for 2 gigs storage and 60 gigs transfer. Right now they have a promo: get the first three months for $1 each.
  • I suppose I should also say that uptime is pretty damn good (although when I first signed up a year ago there were frequent problems with the DB servers, those problems seem to be gone now) and the over-the-phone customer service is always very helpful. I have no real complaints.
  • And use Freecache or the Coral cache to save on your bandwidth once you've uploaded the files.
  • D'oh! "FreeCache has been deactivated."
  • Racknine has done well by me: $3.95 per month - 75MB of Webspace - 1000MB traffic per month $8.95 per month - 600MB of Webspace - 15GB traffic per month
  • I personally recommend TextDrive.