December 08, 2004

Notes from the road. Travel - great pictures, great writing.
  • How lovely. I've never been to North America, and now I want to visit more than ever.
  • Most of my friends--here in the U.S.--who enjoy traveling love to talk about their exploits in Europe. While Europe is great and all, so many people miss out on the treasures that are right here in our backyard. This is a great site, and I've already gleaned a half-dozen new trip ideas. Thanks!
  • If only I could take photos like that. I would die a happy man. Great link!
  • Wow, creamy!!! What a fantastic find. That just became my new favorite. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, I perused that first. Incredible pictures and interesting narrative. Also, for anyone who lives in this area or is intending to visit, I highly recommend visiting the Makah Museum, it's a sight to behold, truly.