December 06, 2004

The Finnish Men's Shouting Choir (Mieskuoro Huutajat) Like a cross between Laibach and Monty Python, they consist of about 30 or so men who shout deconstructed arrangements of traditional Finnish songs, children's songs, the anthems of other countries, and, now, legal proceedings or trade agreements. To see God, close your eyes and check out their version of the Star-Spangled Banner. (once more, via WFMU, "Where dead air lives")
  • Maybe I'm wrong, but when I think of the Finns, I think of a mixture of Soviets and Germans, without the famous sense of humor of either people. I am wrong. Not only was one of the funnier people on the Cornell Lunatic (back in the 20th century) a Finn, but they are also responsible for the best joke of World War II (or, as they know it, the Winter War & Continuation War). The Molotov cocktail was named by the Finns after Vyacheslav Molotov, Soviet Foreign Minister and Secretary of War during WW2, who famously claimed in radio broadcasts that, "Soviet planes do not drop bombs but food to help starving Finnish people". So, in response, a bottle of gasoline with a lit rag became a "Molotov cocktail". Funny stuff!
  • I am a total fan.
  • Wow.
  • the finest shouting choir I've ever heard.
  • [this is GOOOOOOD]
  • Great post, but I was really hoping that Laibach link would lead to some shouty kittens.
  • There is certainly a sense of humour, it's just not on the surface. ps: huutajat ovat parhaita. ;)
  • The Star Spangled Banner was amazing. (and funny) As I was listening to it on my computer, my little dog Steve was fascinated. He just tilted his head and liiiiistened, ears perky. sorry for the derail, but Steve's reaction seemed to connect this thread with moneyjane's thread from above
  • Very beautiful - in a way I hadn't expected. I had been expecting something amusing but noisy, but this wasn't noisy at all. It's good shouting, like percussion with your voice.
  • Splendid. I knew those long long long winter nights had to be good for something. Inspiring stuff. Thanks, jimbecile. I've just noticed the title of this thread. Top pun action! Bravo, sir!